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In this line of work experience means everything, and no one has more experience than Weather Guard.


Weather Guard Metal Roofing is responsible for literally thousands of metal roofing installations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, & South Carolina. That means 2 things. They know exactly what to do and exactly what not to do.

Metal roofing systems can be very complicated to install, and your average roofer or handyman can get in over his quickly if he's not careful. Don't ever let an asphalt roofer attempt to install your metal roof. A true metal roofer is a specialized craftsman and does not install asphalt shingles.

Weather Guard employs there own expert sheet metal craftsman. Their installation teams have all been through factory training schools and have been certified by some of the top manufacturers in the metal roofing industry including:

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Robert J. Wells

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Weatherguard Metal Roofing is a TrustDale Certified Partner

I love my new roof! We have always loved our home, but we felt like something was missing. This new Villa Tile Metal Roof has transformed our home in best way imaginable. The product and the company were both better than we had even hoped for. This new roof has truly brought our house to life. We love this roof and we love Weather Guard!

-M. Parker

"When choosing a new roof for your home you want a system that's strong, durable, and of course looks great... When you want a roof upgrade, I trust Weather Guard Lifetime Metal Roofing in Mobile."

-Dale Cardwell,

Consumer Investigator

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